Our Company

Founded in 1980, AF Steel remains family owned and operated and proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona. AF Steel grew from its founding entity ‘Arizona Fasteners Corp’ which began by serving the hardware needs of the local home building community. The growth into AF Steel came from the willingness to serve all customers big and small, taking pride in quick turnarounds of custom and special order projects!

Our Mission

Who We Are
Today AF Steel is recognized as the industry leader and innovator in design and steel fabrication. Our cutting edge design construction abilities along with our traditions structural steel erecting capabilities allow us to undertake a plethora of job opportunities. AF Steel has expanded into serving the ever growing contemporary design community while still permitting us to focus on our structural steel roots.

What We Do
AF Steel specialize in, but isn’t limited to residential, commercial projects as well as an array of custom hangers. Our residential projects include structural steel fabrication and erection of common and architectural structural steel. Our commercial capabilities include applications such as structural fabrication and erection, custom canopies and limitless exposed steel features. Finally our hangers are fabricated in-house ranging from custom design, to ICC approved hangers. AF Steels ICC certified construction facility is able to produce certified product in a reasonable period of time.

How We Do It
AF Steels dedication to customer service is unmatched in the industry. Our customer and supplier relations allow us to navigate an ever evolving market place in this up and down economy. At AF Steel we support the needs of all customers from small custom projects to large commercial projects. Put AF Steel’s customer service and construction team to work for you today. Call or email us your project for a quote and remember AF Steel, Always Forward.

Our Team

Bill DeHaven


3525 East Atlanta Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Email : bill@afsteelfab.com
Phone : 602-344-4200

Chris Payne

Vice President

3525 East Atlanta Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Email : cpayne@afsteelfab.com
Phone : 602-344-4200